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Monday, November 13, 2006

A Little Progress

I really should share progress pictures with you more often, shouldn't I? I have to admit I like "surprising" you with HD's wth the whole project finished instead of feeding you a little bit at a time.

I didn't really get as much stitching as I'd like to done tonight... I spent so much of it on the phone! With my Mum and with my guild's President. But I do feel like I made progress on Teresa Wentzler's Mini Autumn Sampler!

I also got to work on Mini Cottages 4 today while waiting for various appointments. I should get some more time to work on it tomorrow since I have a guild executive meeting and I don't bother to go home between work and the meeting.

Lately I've been getting a lot of ribbing about Todd... little jokes along the line that he dosen't exsist. Todd dosen't socialize in the same circles as I do, so my friends start to wonder if he really exsists since they never get to see him. Well you're all familiar with Hunter... so I can't fake this picture... the best job I can do without Todd giving me the middle finger when I try to take a picture of him!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hunter! (Oh and you too Dani! ;-))
It looks like the cottages are done on evenweave. What's the count? It really looks nice.

Michelle said...

You've had some great finishes lately...I love your needle guardian! Great progress photos too.

Barb said...

Your WIP's look really nice. I love the picture of Hunter too. No one ever gets to see my cat either unless they look quick and see his tail go into the bedroom and under the bed!