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Friday, November 24, 2006

This and That

I haven't really given you a good update in awhile of what I've been up to! So much I think I'm running myself down!

Last Friday Christin and I went and saw Guns N' Roses in concert. Every once in awhile someone may ask you... where's the oddest place you've stitched? Well I can now say I've stitched waiting for a concert to start! I had heard rumors that G n' R was going to run late... so of course I brought along my stitching! Christin was kind enough to get a quick pic. of the momentous event!

What a late night that was!!! The show didn't end until 2:15am! By the time I got Christin home and got back to my place... it was after 3am! Oh boy what a long day, I had worked all day Friday as well! Unfortunately for my poor sleep deprived self, I didn't have the luxury of a nice lie in on Saturday. I was up at 9am and hitting the road shortly after 10am. On my way to pick up my friend Beth who had a lovely home made soup and sandwiches waiting for me. From Beth's place it was off to the Butler Creek B&B in Brighton for the Knowledge and Needles Retreat.

We were first to arrive so we got to stake out prime stitching spots in the living room! This year was Beth's first year at the retreat and she just loved the B&B, I told her it was beautifully decorated and so relaxing. This year it was a smaller group, about 7 of us. I wasn't surprised when by 4pm I had to go take a nap before dinner... I was pooped! Shortly before midnight Beth had a happy dance! She finished The Silver Lining's Poinsettia over one! Its just stunning!

I didn't take a lot of pictures that weekend... I was trying to stitch! I think I was too unsettled all weekend to get tonnes done but I did make visible progress on Noah's Sub. I did get this one of everyone settling into a delicious breakfast! Our choices were eggs Benedict or apple pancakes. This year I tried the pancakes they were awesome! By 11:30 we were all packing up, as usual I was sad it was ending! I probably would of headed back to Ann's place for a few more hours of stitching before going back home, as I prefer to make it a leisurely trip.

But I had to get back home to make a cake! My sister had decided we would be celebrating my Nephew's 12 birthday Sunday night. So I had to drive back home 3 hours, bake a cake, clean up, start the laundry and be at my sister's for 6pm. Of course the cake was still warm by the time we got there so it had to sit outside for about an hour and a half before I could decorate it... with the help of my 5 year old niece. As you know little kids like to put on lots of candy all over the place!

Nick had a friend over for his birthday and as a joke his friend got him a lovely tiara with pink fluff! Totally hilarious. The minute I snapped a photo of him Nick said this is going to haunt me for life isn't it? Well what else are aunt's for. From the moment Nick unwrapped it I could see Emma eyeing that tiara. Boy did she want it! As usual little girls get their way!

This week has been a lot of running around and a little stitching... well not much. Today in the mail (technically yesterday now I suppose) Ruth's Sweetheart Tree RR arrived. Well I was a good girl and actually managed to get it stitched tonight! Its so pretty too! My selection is the square on the right.

Sweetheart Tree Round Robin - Ruth's

Blooming Hearts c2003

Using : DMC cotton and perle, mill hill beads, flowers and paillettes

I also received in the mail today my frist ornament of the season. This one is stitched by Anu for the annual TWOE its so pretty! It'll be a lovely addition to my tree.

Well I should go to bed! Perhaps tomorrow I'll provide you with progress pictures!


Cindy said...

That's awesome that you got to see G 'n' R! I love them...and was wondering how they were with Sebastien Bach in place of Axl. Good thing you had your stitching along since they were running late :)

Your cake looks festive!

Carol said...

Nice update Dani! I am surprised you had enough lighting in a concert hall to stitch - LOL! I loe the ornament from Anu!

Anonymous said...

You are back! Good to hear from you. Keep stitching. Nice work on the round robin. Kathy