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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finally A Stitching Update

Sorry that I haven't really blogged over the last few days, I was getting pretty consistent at it too! Its the silly season!

Grrrr... no I'm getting annoyed. I was just wrapping up a lovely post for you when my thumb hit the touch pad on my laptop and somehow managed to highlight and delete all of my entry except for the first sentence. Just as I tried to restore it... blogger auto saved the entry. So what I typed is definitely long gone now! Grrrr!

So Thursday evening and part of Friday night I worked on Paradigm Lost. The nice thing about this not being a set in stone SAL is you can change the day you work on it with no problems! On Thursday I almost managed to finish the motif i started the week before, so I decided that I'd work on it again on Friday to finish up that motif. While I had it pulled out I felt it would be fun to do a couple of the tiny motifs, and I got a small start on the dragonfly's wing. As I'm sure I've said before this is an enjoyable project.

Now as for Christmas Elf Fairy... I've had to do some frogging! Honestly I should of known better. On Wednesday night I was up for a few hours before heading back t bed with my migraine, so I thought well I could stitch. Yeah... right! By Thursday morning I had pretty much finished up her boots. In daylight I started to notice a colour difference. Crap! 3/4 of the way through the first boot I somehow switched from Black Coffee the colour I'm supposed to use to Zack Black. So I had to rip out a boot and 1/4. Last night I pulled her back out for a little bit after I was done with PL I finished up the first boot. When I pick her back up this weekend I'll get those boots finished up and move onto the wings.

I've got a framing job to get started on this weekend, I am framing for a client a Sens jersey, its a Christmas present. This will be my first time framing a jersey but I know how its supposed to be done. Fingers crossed I can get it mounted beautifully! Unfortunately this means I have to go outside today... right now its -21c and that's without the windchill. Its supposed to be super cold today. Then starting tonight we're supposed to get a HUGE dump of snow. I've heard reports of up to 30cm! For you Imperial folks, that's the height of a standard ruler! Its going to be fun and games getting to work on Monday!

Five days of work left!!!!


Chiloe said...

I'l glad to see I'm not the only one who make such mistakes as switching colors ... Still don't understand how it can happen though ...

Here it's cold too 1°C so I can't imagine how you survive with -21°C ... I guess you are better covered than we are !!! lol

Have fun with your framing !!!

Von said...

Hope your framing project goes better than some of your stitching this week, Dani! We all have those days. :)

Mylene said...

Very good update, Dani. And goodluck with the framing.

Lynne said...

at least you are giving PL some love. Mine is langishing while I do other things. It looks great ! If you set a day to work on it I will SAL with you.

Carla said...

great progress! the blu thread you are using is so pretty!