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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Settling In For The Storm

Well we woke up this morning to guess what??? Yup, SNOW and lots of it coming down. Before its all said and done tomorrow morning, we're supposed to get anywhere from 30-55cm. So, what better day to stay in and get things done.

So far I've managed to clear off the kitchen table so I can get to mounting that Sens jersey I'm framing. Next I cleared off/organized the desk in my crafting room. I really need to get rid of that thing, its a waste of space and pretty much useless. I'd like to replace it with another folding table. I've got beads organized to go in watchmaker cases. Oh yes and my frame for the jersey is cut and currently gluing.

My main task for today is to take my time and get the jersey mounted. Its my first time doing this so I'd like it done right. Then all that would leave me is to pick up and put in the glass tomorrow and it'll be ready for delivery on Tuesday.

Last night I started on the wings for Christmas Elf Fairy, she's coming along nicely. Then at around midnight I decided I wasn't going to have enough ornaments stitched up for Christmas... so of course I started one. It'll be a quickie so I'm not worried about it not getting done in time.

Also I spent some time last getting ready for my next start! Every January 1st for the last few years Chrisanne, Christin and I have started a new project on New Year's Day. This past year its was The Castle, and the start before that was Celtic Banner. This year Beatrice is joining us on our new start. I spent some time pulling threads for Moonlight Guardian from Dragon Dreams. We decided back in August at the Knowledge & Needles Retreat when the four of us were together that this would be our January 1st start! At the moment I'm waiting for fabric to show up in the mail. I also need to get a second pack of beads, and a couple of spools of Kreinik #4 braid. I've got enough to get started... but I know there won't be enough.


Vonna said...

We were snowed/iced in this weekend too...I've done loads of good stitchy stuff :) Sounds like you have too! You're just bamming along on the CF and I can't wait to see you all start on the MG piece!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Lovely progress on Christmas Fairy. She is my favorite of the series.

Dawn said...

Oh the snow looks so pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing MG grow:)

Barbara said...

Sounds like you're a busy one! And I love the snowstorm picture!

stitcherw said...

We got a lot of snow this weekend also, but I don't think quite as much as you. Christmas Elf Fairy is looking lovely, I think this one is so cute. Your new start for the new year will be gorgeous too, I love Moonlight Guardian. You always pick such lovely fabric, can't wait to see what you decide to do it on.

Stephanie said...

Good luck with the Sens jersey - I'm sure it will be fine (and if it isn't, oh well, what you're really wanting is a Canucks jersey anyway ;)

I love your Elf fairy, I'm tempted to to add that one to my stash :)

Hope the storm hasn't been too awful!

Mylene said...

Good progress on the fairy. Have a nice week.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

SNOW!!!! I'm gonna see some when I get to Boston on Friday! Yay! I know you tire of it, Dani, but it's so pretty. Thanks for the picture.
Love your little Christmas fairy. And, your dragon project is going to be great! Good luck on that one, I know how you love them. Hugs, Deb

Lisa said...

That's the one bad thing about working from home - you have no good reason to take a snow day! Anyway have fun tomorrow!

Lynn said...

Hope you're keeping safe and warm. I'm staying at my son's place. It was just too risky to travel and besides they closed the 401 at Cornwall due to a 6 truck pileup! About 40 cm here so far.
Your Christmas fairy looks fantastic! I can't believe how quickly she's coming along.
Love your choice for your New Year's stitch. Looking forward to watching its progress. With any luck we'll get to stitch together after the holidays