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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friday : A Love/Hate Relationship

I looove Fridays! What person who doesn't work on the weekend doesn't love Friday? It signifies the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. The last Friday of the month is always my favourite too because its jeans day at work. Yay! Why else is Friday great, it means the weekend is here and if I don't have any big plans I can focus on my stitching. What a geek I am, I look forward to the weekend so I can stitch.

Now why do I have a bit of a hate relationship with Fridays. I have to do my groceries/running around when all I want to do is just go home. Also I find that I'm exhausted! I often come home from work/shopping and pretty much fall into bed. Often I don't get back up. Tonight was a similar scenario but this time I dragged my butt out of bed after a nap and put in a little time on The Castle.

So here's where my progress stands on The Castle before any weekend stitching has commenced.

Oh, by the way, my client just loved the framing work I did for her! Yay!


Little Cat said...

Same here for Fridays too. I just want to sleep when I get home and rarely get anything else done apart from maybe a bit of laundry.

The Castle is looking superb!

Cheryl said...

You know whats perfect...a friday as a day off work (which i just had yesterday!)

MissBehavin said...

Hi Dani, if you want call me at work today, I'm sure you can find the number! I get your joy with Fridays, I am missing it because I have to work today. Oh well.
Your castle is coming along, the end is in site. I still can't get over the fabric, it's a fantastic choice! You are almost done, if we stitch for 8 hours tomorrow we might see a finish!? My butt can sit and stitch for that long no problem ;)
What threads are you doing PL in? I am being swayed by the blues and might change my plans for CDC...
Talk soon!

wanda said...

It is such a relief when Friday arrives. Your castle is super you are moving right along great progress!! Have a great weekend!

stitcherw said...

My Fridays are pretty much the same. As much as I love them, with the end of busy weeks and needing to take care of other stuff they tend to end early. Oh well, I look at it as recharging for the weekend.

Castle and PL are both looking great, I'll lookforward to seeing what all you get stitched this weekend. Glad your customer was happy with the framing, it looks like they turned out wonderful, as did the ornament and stocking you posted pictures of.

Mindi said...

I love Fridays too, and always try to find a way to sccot out a bit early. I usually can't come up with one. The Castle is looking great.

Vonna said...

Although I work the weekend...I HEART Fridays too...I think it is because it is the one night there isn't any homework (always a good thing). WE always have pizza (love pizza) we take our baths early, put on our jammies, throw in a DVD and the kids are repleate, I get to stitch for hours and my DH is home with us...all is well :)
So I'm with you!

I love the Castly Dani, it's fabulous!

Ranae said...

I'm with Vonna Pizza and movie nite.
The castle is looking great.
Love the giftie ornies, they are awesome.

Dawn said...

The castle is totally awesome, Dani!