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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking Towards 2008 & January Goals

Well since I know we'll be busy on New Year's Eve I figured it was best to get this done and put out there for the world to see today.

I've scrolled back to my last entry in December of 2006 to see what goals I had set myself for 2007 and here they are :
  • Finish Noah's Submarine (yes!)
  • Finish Tour Des Marques (not even 1/2 done)
  • Finish The Castle (yes!)
  • Stitch Todd's Stocking (nope)

2008 Stitching Goals

  • Finish Tour Des Marques
  • Finish Paradigm Lost
  • Stitch Todd's Stocking
  • Stitch Enchantment of Winter for Dad
  • Start Arabian Woman
  • Start Scottish Castle Sampler
  • Stitch Moonlight Guardian

I think I'm being a little ambitious for the upcoming year... but there's a lot of large projects out there I really want to stitch. Some of these have been on my want to start list for years so this year it'll be one of my goals to get them started so I have to work on them!

Now its time to review my December goals and set goals for January (yes these are beyond my main goals for 2008).

December 2007

  • Finish The Castle (Yes!)
  • Work on Paradigm Lost (Yes)
  • Work on next RR that shows up (didn't show up until just before x-mas)
  • Stitch Fair&Square rd.4 (done & mailed)
  • Stitch Ornaments (did 3)
  • Work on Pomegranate Needlebook (yes & finished)

January 2008

  • Start Moonlight Guardian
  • Work on Paradigm Lost
  • Work on Tour
  • Stitch RR
  • Stitch one ornament
  • Stitch two models (when the supplies get here)

Needless to say not a lot of stitching got done yesterday with my new toy to play with, I did put in a little time on Mini Cottages 5. Today I plan to start that RR so it'll be done and out of the way ASAP!


Vonna said...

Your goals for the year are as lofty as everyone's I'm reading :)
I know that you have a good chance of meeting them all however with your tenacity!
Can't wait to see what you start and come up with!

stitcherw said...

Good luck with reaching your goals for 2008, given how organized you seem to be with your stitching I'm sure you'll do great with them. Even though you didn't meet all your 2007 goals, I'm amazed at all the finishes you had this year, and the number of lovely large finishes you had. Looking forward to seeing an update on mini cottages and I'm glad you're enjoying your new computer.

Jaimie said...

Very ambitious! I can't wait to see the castle finish!

Kathy A. said...

That is quite the ambitious list you have there girl!!! but knowing you - you will accomplish a great deal of it.

Happy New Year to you my friend. Thanks for sharing the past year with me and look forward to many more.

claudia said...

Wow. Great goals for 2008 and January. I wish I had half the energy you have to stitch. Even setting so many goals is good though, you will push to get more done this way.
Hopefully, this year I will have my sewing/craft room done and be using it! I already have a good little sound system for in there. A girl's gotta have priorities!
Thank you for the comment on my yesterday post! Happy New Year. Have a fun, but safe new year's eve!

DaisyGirl said...

Hi Dani,
Sometimes husbands just don't care, I hate to say that, but they become complacent, that's how my hubby has become, laptop is a good gift, so maybe, not in the dog house. John and I have been together for 22 years and this year has been the most trying of all. Kids growing up and away, we are left trying to find us again. So hope we do! Hope you do too!

claudia said...

You know what Dani? You just did make me smile. Thank you!

Beatrice said...

Good luck with the goals!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.
See you soon!!

Dawn said...

Good luck with your goals! Happy New Year to you:)

Judith said...

Some nice goals , good luck with them.

Emily said...

You had a good year. Good luck with next year! :)

Stitcher said...

Great goals.

Happy new year.

Karen said...

Happy New Year, Dani! Best of luck with your goals.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

I wanted to thank you for the lovely card and thread that arrived over Christmas and helped to brighten a somewhat subdued holiday season. The spicy orange colour of the thread tickled my fancy and made me smile.

I'm reading your New Years goals for 2008 and shaking my head in admiration. I haven't made any goals for myself stitching wise.

I'm just one of those people who rummages around in their stash until something jumps out and grabs my attention. I'll be doing that later on this afternoon as a matter of fact.

I loved the picture of your kitty in your Christmas tree! Our cats have never shown an interest in climbing our tree (thank goodness) but Rupert loves to snooze under it, and I've caught Phoebe dropping toys into the trunk hole of the tree skirt, and then diving in after them.

Congrats on your finish of Christmas Elf. She turned out lovely, and even in the picture you can see how sparkly she is.

Warmest best wishes to you and your family for the coming New Year. Oh look...more snow!!!


The Silver Thistle said...

Happy New Year!!

I'm intrigued by the Scottish Castle sampler. Really looking forward to seeing that one, I don't think I've seen that one before. Who's it by?

Mylene said...

Happy New Year, Dani!!

Claire said...

Hey girl!
Great goals - I know you'll make everyone of them. Loved the Christmas Elf. She's very pretty:)
I guess Toodles would be redeemed, but he's still on naughty list:)

cheers chicky


Michelle said...

You've got some great pieces lined up for 2008 - good luck!