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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Retro PhotoHunt -- Again

Last night was a busy night, we were having our Live & Silent Auction to raise funds for the school we'll be building in 2012 in the slums of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  I'll be going back again this upcoming February taking another group of students on their Dominican Experience, a third world experience.  The night was very successful, but I don't have a final number yet on exactly how much we'll be getting towards the project as we did this event in conjunction with another school.  Fingers crossed they'll be breaking ground on the school in January and I'll have some pictures for you when I come back from the trip at the end of February.

Since last night was a busy and late night I have no awesome stitching to share with you, so yet another PhotoHunt!  The theme on February 20, 2010 was "Cuddly".  Coincidentally this picture is from this past year's Dominican Experience.

This is one of my fellow coordinators during our last night in the DR.  The last nigh we always have party with all the students, and the families they stay with, it includes food, music, and dancing a Dominican national pastime!  It goes late into the night and the little girl of the family we stay with, Karmely fell asleep snuggled up with my fellow coordinator!  I look forward to seeing Karmely and her family again in February!


Lesleyanne said...

Hope you managed to raise a large amount. Great photo.

Christine said...

Its a great cause, hope you raised lots of money

cucki said...

sweet picture..i hope you raise a big amount of money.
love and hugs xx

Bette said...

Very sweet picture! Keep a lookout in the mail. Package on it's way.

Julie said...

I hope people dug deep for your cause