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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Stitching Goals and a PhotoHunt

November is here so its time to talk about what I wanted to get done stitching-wise last month and what I hope to get done this month.

October Stitching Goals

  • Finish K is for Kitty by Prarie Schooler -- Yes!
  • Stitch the last of my quilt blocks -- Almost, ran out of 3816, ack!
  • Stitch 2 ornaments -- Got one exchange ornament done for retreat
  • Work on Enchantment of Winter -- Nope
I had hoped to get all of this done, but it didn't happen but I did get in a lot more stitching this month and I was so happy having the time to stitch more.  I got to do a lot of stitching with friends this month, and that was awesome!

November Stitching Goals
  • Stitch 3 ornaments
  • Finish JBW bear
  • Work on Enchantment of Winter
  • Work on The Accolade
I'm going to take advantage of NaBloPoMo to get caught up on PhotoHunts!  The theme on January 9th 2010 was "Bulky".  Boy this one was tough for me to find an appropriate picture to fill the theme.

This is Hailey Cropper's bulky, red anorak from Coronation Street.  My Mum grew up watching Coronation Street as a child in the UK and has watched it all her life, which means I grew up watching "Corrie" and still do as an adult.  I just love it!  My Mum and I were lucky to go to a talk, "An Evening With the Croppers" when the actress and actor who play Hailey and Roy came to Canada and did a talk here in Ottawa.  Boy did we laugh, they were hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I used to love Eastenders, but our PBS station doesn't carry it anymore. Boo on them!

cucki said...

good luck with your nov stitching goals..
keep well.lots of love for you xx

Mouse said...

well I know who they are just don't watch much TV at all ... just hear it when it is on from the DD's etc ... and you could have used a photo of me hahahaha ;) .. good luck with the goals mouse xxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your November goals. I just love Roy and Hayley.

Julie said...

Hope you achieve your Nov goals