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Friday, October 15, 2004

Ahhh Small Finishes

I always like to have something small on the go, that way between the large projects you always feel like you've accomplished something. Some of those large projects takes months! You can't go too long without a Happy Dance!

I've been waiting on some supplies I hadn't had time to pick up to finish an ornament. Once again I'm going to just post a link. There was a mix-up with my Ornament RR, Group 7 so I've had to change my selection. So Click HERE to see my new selection. Its very pretty!

On Wednesday part 1b of Mini Mystery G was released and I finally got it finished tonight. I probably would of gotten it done last night but I came home with a killer migraine, the kind that puts me out of commission.

Mini Mystery G - Part 1b

1 comment:

Shannon L. said...

The Mini Mystery G is gorgeous - I just love the colours. And your new ornament pic is just beautiful ! Makes me wish I was in your group ! LOL