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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Two Weeks Worth of Stitching Blogger's Question Of The Week

You can tell when life gets busy for me... I don't blog as often! So here is two weeks worth of Stitching Blogger Questions...

Last weeks Question :
Thread organization: plastic bobbins, yes or no? How do you organize your threads?

Hmmm well how I organize depends on the threads. I always have one complete set of DMC floss on bobbins in floss boxes. But then all the extra DMC I've had left over from model stitching I keep in floss-a-way baggies on a ring. I try to use these first before I use what's on my bobbins. Specialty fibers I also keep in floss-a-way baggies. They're organized on rings, one for cottons, one for silks, one for Rainbow Galleries threads, and one for whatever doesn't fit the other categories.

This weeks question :

You've just been given a $100 gift certificate to buy anything cross stitch or needlework related - what would you spend it on right now?

Hmmm I think lately I've been on a fiber/fabric kick. Or at least I've been wanting to buy some! I could easily spend that money on some hand dyed fabrics, Sugar Maple Fabrics's Burnt Papyrus is one of them for sure! As for fibers I looove Gloriana Silk overdyed threads and would buy a bunch of those!

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