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Sunday, October 03, 2004

October Goals

Well I'm about 3 days behind but here is the September recap...

September Goals
  1. Finish Bandon Lighthouse - Done
  2. Finish Mini Mystery F - Done
  3. Finish Celtic Heart - Done
  4. Stitch 2 Christmas Ornaments - Done, actually did 3
  5. Wee Beasites RR - Done
  6. Model for Dragon Dreams - Done

Now I might not get as much done this month... its a very busy one!

October Goals

  1. Finish Take Time To Quilt - Summer
  2. Stitch up Mystery VI part 10
  3. Stitch up Mini Mystery G parts 1 a&b
  4. Stitch 2 Christmas Ornaments
  5. Stitch up bookmark design

I would almost have goal number one done, however I don't seem to have the necessary beads in my stash! I'm going to have to hit the Cross Stitch Cupboard this week. I'd go today, but Toodles has my car... he's gone fishing. It was also a close call with the floss on this one I had to go through my orts to find a couple of SNC Plum Honey to finish the border!

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