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Friday, October 29, 2004

Studying, Not Stitching


I wish I could be stitching. But the pressure is on. Last weekend I really got a chance to escape and enjoy my retreat. This week has been hard work! All week long I have been studying and finishing off an essay. Tomorrow morning is the first part of my 2nd Degree Black Belt test in Taekwon-Do. I have been studying like mad for tomorrow's written test. Not only do I have a 1 hour written test I have a physical that consists of 250 sit ups, 250 push ups, 6 minutes of skipping and 16 laps of the track (6.4 km). Next Sunday will be the second and final portion where I will perform the technical portion of the test. Here I will either be promoted or fail.

This test has been so different from my 1st Degree. For my 1st I felt so prepared and that I knew everything so well. This time around I feel like despite all my reading and studying I'm not retaining anything. Wednesday night and Thursday night I finally got some direction from two class mates who have their 2nd degree and that has really helped me to focus and narrow my studying. I don't feel so panicked anymore.

Tomorrow is a big day!

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