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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Goal Time!

Yup a start of another month, time to fess up on what I got done what I didn't get done, and what I'd like to get done!

November Recap :
  1. Finish MVI part 11 - Yup... even finished part 12 that's the entire mystery done!
  2. Finish Mini Mystery G part2 - Yup
  3. Stitch 2 ornaments - Only got one done
  4. Make progress on Dragon's Tea Party - Not too bad
  5. Finish Ottawa Sampler - Didn't see the light of day
  6. Finish Lanarte Cow - Didn't see the light of day, why refer to goal 3

So I'm very disappointed in November I didn't stitch as much as I would have liked too and I just wasn't focused at all in my stitching.

December Goals

  1. Finish Mini Mystery G
  2. Stitch 1 ornament
  3. Finish Dragon's Tea Party
  4. Finish Lanarte Cow
  5. Work on Ottawa Sampler

This month's goals I hope are more attainable, also I'll be off work for two weeks over the holidays so there should... and I say should be plety of stitching time!!!

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