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Monday, December 20, 2004

I Think, Hell Froze Over...

Holy Cow! Its cold out this morning! When Todd got up he told me that it was -42c with the windchill! I can tell its cold out without even looking at the thermometer, the house is pretty cool and the heat ran for a long time this morning. The heat will probably be kicking in again soon.

Yesterday I was hoping to get a start on turning a round robin I had done a couple of years ago (Vermillion's International Bears) into a quilt for my niece for Christmas. My Mum had the perfect fabric but as we ironed it large yellow-ish blotches appeared in the fabric. We washed it and tried again. Still, yellow blotches. So we hopped in the car (it was only -20c yesterday...) and drove into town to see if the quilt shop was open. It wasn't. So we abandoned any quilt making for the day. Since the car was still warm I dropped my Mum back off and went home.

So I got a good stretch of stitching in on Dragon's Tea Party! Here's a progress pic.

Dragon's Tea Party c2003 Dragon Dreams

Today I'm going to sort my craft room a little since I'm not insane and am not going out to find fabric today!!! Also I'll put in some more hours on Dragon's Tea Party.

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