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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Stash To The Rescue or Why I Love My Stash!

Every serious, addicted, obsessive stitcher has a stash. That's a collection of charts, fabrics, fibers, beads, and so on. What good stitcher doesn't? Believe me I have a stash and a half! Some times its a pain to have one. How to store it, organize it, etc.

But today its great to have a stash. I'm making excellent progress on Jeannette Douglas's Ottawa Sampler and I've now reached band 11 of 17 and I've run out of Weeks Dye Works Sky! The horror, I tell you the horror. I've had to do some frogging in that colour so I'm not surprised. What do I do? I've run out... do I have some? Do I have to make a special trip to the LNS tomorrow (which is 30 minutes away). Calm down, take a deep breath. Lets go check our stash.

YES!!! There it is... plenty of Sky! Whew.

My stash saved the day!

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