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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Another Great Day!

Today I spent the day out with my Mum. I picked her up around 9am and we drove to Kingston where we checked out a bead shop. We spent about an hour there and spent a bit of money. I got some more nice beads and charms to make some scissor fobs. After the bead shop we went out for lunch at a pub that claimed their fish and chips was better than The Glen's (its the pub we frequent when we get that hankering". The food was good, but I still think prefer The Glen's fish and chips. Our final stop in Kingston was Michael's I find the shop there much nicer than the one in Ottawa. Mum picked up some fimo and discounted Christmas stuff. I picked up a bunch of nice fabric Christmas ribbons for 90% off!!! I bought 10.00 worth of ribbon! Then it was time for the 2 hour drive home. A very nice day.

This morning I picked up the mail from Friday, I received one of the two orders I placed over the New Year with neeldework stores. I was a little irked with this order because I got dinged by customs. I don't mind paying my GST, really I don't what really pisses me off is the 5.00 service charge to pay that tax! My 26.00 USD parcel now cost 10.12 more because of customs! In this parcel I received 3 pieces fo 28ct Lugana, hand dyed colorscapes from Picture This Plus. The colours I got were Sterling, Pansy, and French Lilac. All pretty, but I'm a little bitter over it all because of the extra 10.00 I ended up paying. I won't be ordering from that shop again.

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