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Monday, January 03, 2005

Come Visit My Stitching bulletin Board

Well last night I got a very surprising e-mail from the owner/administrator of the Needle and Thread bulletin Board. She has been unable to keep up with running the Needle and Thread BB and asked me if I'd like to take over. I was a little leery at taking over someone's baby so I suggested a co-ownership of the BB be it if I do all the work or not. It just seemed more fair that way.

So if you don't do so already drop by and visit the Needle and Thread BB we've got all kinds of forums for all kinds of designers and we'd be happy to see you there!

Sigh, so I have two new toys to play with tonight... this BB and checking out all the settings and access I have. Also I'm kitted up and ready to go on TW's Wedding Sampler for Claire (except 1 pkg of beads and 2 skiens of DMC Rayon!). Oh what to do... what to do!

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Carol said...

Congrats Dani!