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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Learnt Something New!

Today I took a wrapped/twisted wire jewelry making class today that I signed up for back in November... I think. Well it was a long time ago.

Anyhow what a neat class! It was a full day and we worked in brass wire... I originally wanted to use silver but the order hadn't arrived in time. Today I made a beautiful pair of earrings accented with Swarofski Crystals a ring and bracelet accented with the same crystals. Its a simply beautiful set of jewelry I can wear! The crystals give it an elegant quality. I tried to photograph the pieces but just couldn't get them in focus and catch the detail as well.

I signed up for another class next month, King's Bracelet which is made entirely with jump rings. This I will be doing in silver.

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Sharon said...

Hey! I took a jewelry class yesterday too. I took a beginning jewelry making class where I learnt to make beaded earrings using headpins and also how to knot so I can string necklaces and such. Wow did I have fun! Then I stocked up on some supplies, and spent the afternoon making earrings for myself and the girls.

Jewelry is fun, no? Wire wrapped jewelry is next on my list...