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Sunday, November 25, 2007

All In A Day's Work

I would of posted late last night, but my ISP was down for some maintenance.

First we woke up to a very pretty morning outside, this was the view out of my kitchen window yesteday morning. There are definate advantags to living in the country sometimes, you're not looking into your neighbour's kitchen in the morning.
I worked away pretty much all day on The Castle. I did have to run out for some framing supplies for a job that's due by December 1st. Oh and then there was a nap too! I accomplished what I wanted to, finished all the backstitching on the top right hand page!

Yesterday afternoon I had such a treat, Kathy came online on MSN messenger and we had a real long chat! Its the first time we've managed to hook up online since she left Canada in October. It was so good to get caught up!

This morning, its not so pretty outside, but once I'm done online I'll start working on my last page of The Castle. At some point I'll take a break and build two frames.


Vonna said...

Your backstitching is looking wonderful that dragon is just popping now! SUPER!!!

Anonymous said...

What a glorious view to wake up to - now I'm envious!

Castle is just wonderful. That close up shows just how lovely and neat your stitches are.

stitcherw said...

Wow, the backstitching sure does make it pop. Castle is looking wonderful. The view out your window is lovely too. We had a light dusting of snow, but it hasn't really started yet here. All that is left now are some small patches in the shaded areas. Catching up on your earlier posts, nice stash. The fabric is lovely, and I certainly understand the impulse saying certain pieces have to join your stash. The pattens are great too. I have CdC in my stash as well, although don't have a clue when I'll actually do it, LOL.

Redwitch said...

Wow, that's lovely view!

Your Castle is looking great too, looks like a friendly dragon ;)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Beautiful view Dani and your dragon is really coming to life.

quiltorstitch said...

Wow! the Castle looks awesome!

Judith said...

It is going to be beautifull when finished and you are really nearing the end by now.
I believe Kathy her round robin is on it's way to me. Still have to start looking for something beachy.

Barbara said...

OMG, Dani, that's a view to die for! Love it!!! And your stitching progress is great, too!

Nina said...

First time on your blog and your stitching is really nice.

Hannah said...

I miss living in the country. I look out of the kitchen window and into the apartment parking lot :( We do have a little pond, though, with lots of ducks :)

Your backstitching looks great. You do your own framing? I'd like to learn one day, but not any time soon. I am going to take on learning to sew next!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Backstitching can be a real PITA I guess, but there's no denying the end results are worth all the aggravation involved. Just looking at your Castle and how it jumps out of the fabric. I love how dainty the dragon looks, even compared to the size of the castle she dominates.

Looks like you've had a lot more snow in your area then we have. Thursday/Friday we got about 5 cm, which wasn't enough to cover the grass and was mixed with ice pellets. It's suppose to rain tomorrow, so good bye snow. I'm still hoping for a white Christmas though. I always do.

Love the stash that you got yourself. Those Ink Circles patterns are beautiful. Looks like a lot of work, but worth it. And it'll be fun seeing those designs develop under your needle.

Can you believe that Christmas is one month away??? Slight feelings of panic have begun to set in. It's the same every year.

Do you do a lot of framing for other people???


Dawn said...

I love the close up of the dragon! He is so cute:)