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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stash 'n Progress

First the important stuff.... Happy 13th Birthday Nephew Nick!!!!

Oooh I'm a bad girl... I promised you stash photos on Monday and I didn't produce. I also hoped to make mega process on my Castle. Guess what happened? Yup I was in bed by 9:30! So tonight I'll make that up to you!

First the stash...

3 New Charts - Ink Circles Cirque des Cercles and Kaleidoscope and one of the JBW Stockings

2 pieces of 32ct linen - One natural and one Ray of Light Belfast. The Ray of light is the prettiest yellow ever! Nice and soft. I don't know what I'm going to stitch on it yet... but I had to have it! I'm sure you all know that impulse???

Here's my latest Castle progress. Tomorrow night I'll be pulling Paradigm Lost out again.


Gina said...

Great stash!

Judith said...

Beautifull stash and what looks your castle great.

Vonna said...

Beautiful you got CdC...your stepping toward the darkside?! LOL!
The castle is gorgeous! Isn't this what Beatrice is doing too? And did you see her weekend progress? WOWZERS!

Hannah said...

Wow@your progress! You are moving right along. Nice stash. I especially like the Kaleidoscope pattern. I haven't seen it stitched up before.

Barbara said...

What beautiful stash - and what a fun picture of your nephew!

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to your nephew!
Great stash! Im stitching that JBW stocking at the moment, im enjoying it very much :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, lovely stash :o)

The castle looks more stunning every time I see it. I need to get get this one too lol. (Did you the need and not want?)

Beatrice said...

Funny photo of your nephew. tell him Happy birthday!!!
Great stash you have a bit of stitching ahead of you.
Castle looks good!

Lynn said...

Great stash! CdC, eh? I agree with Vonna. I think you might just cross over!!
Everywhere I look I see that JBW stocking! I just have to have it!!!
Hope your nephew had a Happy Birthday. Thirteen is one of those important ones!

Ranae said...

You have some beautiful stash there.
Happy Stitching!!