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Monday, November 26, 2007

Photo Hunt #82 "Classic"

When I saw the theme of classic the first thing that jumped into my head was why, Classic Cars! Well do I have any pictures of classic cars? Nope, and being that there's snow on the ground we won't be seeing any around here for months! So what did I come up with for this theme? A classic past time that can still be seen around here from time to time, The Hunt. I came across the local Hunt Club once fall afternoon, driving the back roads to my parent's house.
I've put in more time on The Castle tonight the wing is coming along nicely. Originally I was going to cut and put together two frames, I quickly discovered I couldn't get at my compound mitre saw, Todd had so much crap in the way! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

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Beatrice said...

If I leave TdM too long I won't get back to it for a long time.
Very nice photo of the Hunt!!
Yes Classic.