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Monday, May 24, 2004

Another Stitching Goal Met!

Yup, I managed to do it I got Part 5 of Mystery 6 done last night! And here it is...

This is another section that I found took awhile to get done. I found the outer border TRES DULL! It consisted of a single line of marlitt all the way around then that outline was filled in with 100 little boxes in rosewood silk, in between those boxes were 8 stitches in red clay. Each box was filled with a rhodes stitch done with silk perle. We were also given stuff to fill the corner sections in from part 4. I was introduced to a new stitch called the jessica stitch, very cool I liked it a lot!

Martina Webber, the designer has put out part 6 early since she won't be near her home computer at the beginning of June so I've already gotten a start on part 6 today.

I have to say I've had an excellent long weekend (its Victoria Day weekend for us Canucks), I spent it in the best way... I think. I believe I've re-fueled my creative energies. I spent all day Saturday finishing up a framing job I have been procrastinating on FOREVER. This has got me revved up and eager to get more done. Sunday evening I got together with some good friends and we stitched and watched movies until midnight. Today I've been stitching as well since late this afternoon. I'm just taking a bit of a computer break before I get at it again.

I feel ready to be creative, ready to get things done!

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