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Friday, May 28, 2004

Never Enough Hours In The Day

And I don't think there ever will be. Some days I'm amazed at how much I can get done in a day... or how many different things but it always seems like there's not quite enough. Its always one more stitch, five more minutes, and so on.

Tonight I'm very happy with what I managed to accomplish today despite having a really bad migraine. I was able to do a full day at work, which is quite an accomplishment when I have a migraine. After work I went for my allergy shot and since I was near the dealer for my car I picked up an oil filter and new windshield wiper blades. My poor car is way overdue for an oil change! Once I got home tonight I had two options...

1. Cower in bed with my bad head.


2. Get in the gardens!

Since it was just perfect to be outside I chose option 2. I am amazed at how much better I feel for spending two hours weeding and turning the soil in my gardens! There is no trace of my migraine anymore, earlier in the day I was pretty sure I would not be making an appearance at work tomorrow. But now I know I'll be feeling up to going in.

By 7pm the blackflies and mosquitoes drove me in! I would of liked to have stayed out for another hour until sundown but I was being eaten alive. But I'm happy with what I managed to accomplish. The front bed, the iris bed, and the plot where I'll be planting my potatoes are all weeded. I cleaned up and turned the soil in the plot where I'm planting my green beans. I started re-claiming a third plot (which has been let go for many years) when the bugs won and I retreated into the house.

What I wished for more time to do tonight is stitching. I got into a good groove tonight and I've almost finished the first gazebo in part 6 of Mystery 6.

The weekend is almost upon us, hopefully I'll have the time to do what I want to do!

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