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Friday, May 28, 2004

Finally The Weekend!

Despite it being a 4 day work week due to Monday being a stat. Holiday here in Canada was I ever glad for today to end! I was very surprised in the morning that my head felt fine and I could go into work today. Actually a lot of the staff were surprised to see me. I think I should of stayed home though by the afternoon I was felling like garbage again. If I have another migraine this weekend I think I'll stay home on Monday just to rest and de-stress.

After getting home from work and doing the groceries I was out in the gardens again this evening. I took some pictures to share with you. There are pictures of my irises and the eight beds that I need to get cleared this year in the backyard. I've now got three of the eight done! Which feels great! Last year I only managed to clear two of them, this year I'm ahead by one and I want to keep going! I just keep running out of daylight!

Since coming in at 8pm I've spent the last couple of hours working on Mystery VI again. I've now got 1/4 of part 6 done, the gazebo on the top is done. I have a start on the bushes for the gazebo on the right tonight, but my eyes are starting to droop and I'm driving down to Corwall to spend the day with a good friend so its a good idea that I get ready to turn in for the night!

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