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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Bad Blogger... Bad!

No Blogger people, I'm not chastising you, I'm chastising myself! Its been almost a week since my last blog (gosh this is staring to sound like Stitcher's Anonymous!). I'm trying to think of a good reason why I barely blogged in the last week! You know what I can't really think of one! I even took the week off of TKD as well.

I know I stitched... I gardened... I watched TV. Hmmm not much else I think!

Lets see in the last week in terms of stitching I did pick Mystery VI back up after getting very burnt out over part 4. I'm not sooo excited about part 5 either, I've got to stitch a million little boxes that will have a million rhodes stitches in it! Once again there was a marlitt border which I've gotten stitches. Today during the Spanish Grand Prix I worked on Bandon Lighthouse (Silver Lining) which hadn't been touched in over a month, it felt good to get some progress in on that. Also today was the Needle and Thread Dragon Dreams Stitch-A-Long, when I wasn't out in the gardens I was working on Dragon's Teaparty and made some excellent progress on it!

I think my gardens are killing me! For over a week now I've been working on my "iris garden". At the moment its more like a thistle garden! Its been let go for many years (not my fault! This is only my second summer where we've been able to garden in this house) and its bee over taken! I think I'm just past the 1/2 way point now but its been a huge battle to dig up and get rid of the thistle root system!

So who watched the Survivor Finale tonight? I did, I've faithfully watched the entire season. I feel like a fool for getting sucked in! I have to say I didn't get sucked in at the beginning, I've watched survivor 1, ignored all the rest up until Amazon, that's when I got hooked. Now CBS is letting the audience vote for one member to get a million bucks, I hope us Canucks can vote! If I can I'm casting my vote for Rupert! That man surely deserves a million bucks!

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