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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

For Lack of A Better Title

Today I think has been an average day, there's really nothing earth shattering to tell you about!

I'm making good progress on my travel project : Michael Powell's Mini Cottages III. I'll keep on working on this at lunch and while I wait for web pages to come up on my computer until the end of the month. Then its ornament time again!

Part 6 of Mystery 6 is coming along nicely! It is so relieving to be doing some straight cross stitching for a change! I have to stitch up four gazebos with bushes on either side. I have the bushes done on one and I've started the gazebo. I'm using Needle Point Inc. silks for this part, its my first time using this brand. Its a nice enough silk (not overdyed) but for the cost you certainly don't get alot of it. Hopefully the high price has something to do with the grade/quality of the silk.

For weeks I've been trying to talk myself into getting back on the treadmill. I should be starting to get ready for the run during my 2nd degree black belt test (not until November but I'm not a runner so I need time). Tonight I did finally get on, but only for 15 minutes. I did run for 10 of those 15 so that is a positive not I suppose. Its quite a battle (psychologically) for me to run. Hopefully I'll get back on tomorrow. All it takes is one day at a time.

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