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Friday, July 30, 2004

The Biggest Ottawa GTG Ever!

Ottawa has always been a tough city to get a descent sized Get Together of stitchers. Tonight we've had the biggest one to date. It all started with Belinda from the TWBB posting that she would be in Ottawa this week on business and wanted to know if anyone wanted to GTG.

Well count me in! Actually just call me the Eastern Ontario Social Co-ordinator. With a couple of e-mails I suddenly had a group of six agreeing to meet tonight at the Cross Stitch Cupboard followed by dinner out. We were : Belinda up from Florida, Chrisanne drove in from Cornwall (what a great gal and she picked up Belinda as well!), Alison, Christin, Vicki, and I made up the Ottawa Valley contingent.

We had a good little shop (with a personal pre-shop at Kettleman's Baels mmm.....). With some ribbing from Alison I picked up one of the Mill Hill Beaded Tassel Ornaments. She said she wanted me to figure out how to put it together first before she would put hers together. That was a tough sell! Alison was also such a sweetie and picked up one of the Monica Ferris needlework mysteries for me to read when I'm in the hospital over night on August 9th (S-Day... surgery day).

All of us except Alison (her wee one is sick) piled into our various vehicles and headed en masse to Kanata where we had an excellent supper at The Glen my favorite Scottish Pub. I will dare you to find anywhere that has better fish and chips! So over excellent food we talked about, life, families and stitching of course. Ohhed and ahhed over the goodies that Chrisanne had to share with us. Soon enough it was hitting 9pm and it was time for all of us to go our separate ways.

Belinda, if you read this thank you for being the instigator and pulling everyone together for a great night out! I hope you enjoyed our little group and liked what you saw of Ottawa.

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Belinda said...

You're quite welcome! I had a wondeful time in a wonderful city with a wonderful group of stitchers - thank you all for the hospitality - and the biggest LNS I've ever set foot in! :O

I enjoyed myself immensely, and look forward to being up there again!