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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Mummies are the BEST!

Yesterday afternoon I went out to my Mum's she was going to help me make my exchange partner's stitched piece (that I stitched for her) into something. I am not going to give any particulars because once again, its a surprise and I don't know if she reads my blog or not.

But my Mum was just awesome she directed me in what to do and how to do it, never once did she butt in or take it out of my hands. She just let me work on it, learn how to make it, and to make mistakes. But you know what... its GORGEOUS!!!! I hate to give it away.

I was hoping to get all the trellises on Mystery VI done last night but by 1am I had 4 left and a set of 4 takes about an hour. So I'll get those done today and into the "scroll work". Once again I won't get in as much stitching as I'd like because I'm off to visit a friend today.

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