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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

When You THINK You're Getting Ahead

You're not.

We had a bit of a crisis tonight here at home. Todd was mowing the lawn this evening to discover water bubbling up out of the ground within inches of our well cap.

Now this is not good.

I had a 10 minute pity party, having no clue what was wrong, what to do, or who to call. Also the panic of oh my gosh this is going to cost us. After a talk with my Dad we came to the conclusion that the pipe that leads from the well to the house is broken, cracked, etc. Our next phone call was to a well drilling company who also dealt in well to home connections. They told us the same thing (they were very nice to us on the phone). We've been told to turn the well pump off for the time being (water has stopped bubbling to the surface. Because the pump would bring water up, it would drain out through this leak and would have to pump again. So the long and short of it is we need to dig up this pipe (or rent a backhoe we can't afford) then get a plumber in to come fix it.

Tomorrow night.... we dig.

On the positive side I started working on Suz's Wee Beastie RR, that is moving along nicely and I've started updates to my webpage (hasn't been done in 6 months).

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