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Sunday, July 11, 2004

It Arrived, I Stitched it, I Rocked, AND I Slept!

It Arrived... Yay my kit for Chatelaine's Mini Mystery F arrived today, the mystery that my friend Chrisanne signed me up for. The materials are gorgeous as usual! More silike for the collection when this piece is done!

I Stitched it... I started Mini Mystery F practically as soon as I got it in the door. This one is stitched on linen band, my first time using this fabric, its quite nice. I got it mostly done yesterday before I took a nap, then I went out. I finished it up this morning while watching the British GP. Here's a piccy of it so far...

I Rocked... At the Bluesfest last night! Christin and I went and saw my favorite band in the whole wide world, The Tragically Hip! As usual they were most excellent! I was up at the front of the stage for a fair amount of the show but being short I just can't handle being up front for two hours! I didn't get home until after midnight.

I slept... Yes! Hunter my little cat left me alone to sleep last night!!!!!!

Today I'm working on updating my webpages some more and then I plan to stitch the day away on Suz's Wee Beasties RR!

If you want to see how my webpage is coming along click HERE

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