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Friday, July 02, 2004

Stitching Goals

Setting stitching goals for myself each month stated with a thread back on the Needle and Thread BB some time ago. Eventually I started participating then I actually started to try to meet those goals. I'm finding it a good way to stay focused and motivated in my stitching.

I did really well in June.

1. Finish pt6 of Mystery VI DONE
2. Stitch 2 x-mas ornaments DONE
3. Stitch WG's Wee Beasties RR DONE
4. Gift for Seasonal Exchange partner DONE
5. Pgs 1&3 on Bandon Light DONE
6. Put some stitches in on Mini Cottages III DONE

So as you can see I managed to meet every one of my goals and I'm pretty darned pleased with myself. Now for ...

1. Finish pt7 of Mystery VI
2. Stitch 2 x-mas ornaments
3. Stitch Suz's Wee Beasties RR
4. Start Mini Mystery F
5. Pg4 on Bandon Light
6. Put some stitches in on Mini Cottages III

Now to share two progress pics. with you...

Here's Bandon Light by The Silver Lining over one on lavender sunset joblean. Progress by the end of June :

Next, Mini Cottages III by Michael Powell this is a kit and I'm stitching it on the aida provided since its fully covered and no partial stitches. I got two colours completed this month.

Progress is going really well on Mystery VI and I hope to have it done before the weekend is out.

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