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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Guild, Back-to-Work, and a Happy Dance

There has to be one thing I love about this time of year and that is returning to Guild after a summer hiatus! Its so much fun going in and seeing all the faces, catching up with everyone... Making sure they had a good summer. Of course there's all those Happy Dances to share right???? So that was last night, our first Guild meeting of the season.

Today I went back to work, for the first time in seven weeks. I've not been off of work for more than a week or two since 1997! I wasn't supposed to return until next Friday however the woman covering my position was no longer able to fill my job so I agreed to return a week and a bit early. Boy am I tired! But its was so nice today, staff would go out of their way to welcome me back. Kids were happy to see me back. One kid also gave a relieved "Finally!... You're back!" That just made my day! Its nice to know that YES you are appreciated and yes your contribution to your work community does make a difference. I left today with a good feeling.

Annnnd just now at my computer I finished up the last of my September Goals! I put in the last bit of backstitching on the Wee Beasties Round Robin I'm in. This time around I stitched The Larch Ladybug by Terrance Nolan.

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