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Monday, September 13, 2004

Stitching Blogger's Question of The Week

Do you stitch small projects one at a time that you can finish quickly, have numerous large projects going at once that you rotate,or both? How does your current system work for you and have you thought about changing it?

Hmmm my system... Well I used to be a very faithful one at a time stitcher... to the point that the ladies on the TWBB started calling it Le Technique de la TKDchick (my user ID). However once I became a model stitcher that changed. Once I started stitching models I'd have at least two projects on the go, my model and my own project. However I usually only focus on the one that's most critical to be finished (usually the model) I don't like to hop between project. I also don't like to rotate or have too many projects on the go, because I get stressed out.

In the last year I've always seemed to have a model on the go (yay I'm currently model free!), something I was working on for myself, and an ornament. I always have a small project or an ornament on the go, this is something I carry around in my bag, I work on it at lunch, when I'm waiting somewhere or when I wait for a webpage to load up on my computer. So you can say I always have at least one large and one small project on the go.

Right now its nice. I know I've got Celtic Heart by M Designs I need to get stitched and framed. My two monthly ornaments are completed, Celtic Heart will get put aside for a day or two when the third and final part of Mini Mystery F gets released on the 15th. Once Celtic Heart is done I might spend a day of beading on Mystery VI (I'm slowly beading up to the current installment so I don't have to do it all at the end). I also have a Wee Beasties Round Robin I need to get stitched in the next 4 weeks. But one thing at a time and it can all be managed.

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