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Saturday, September 11, 2004

What Kind of Stitcher Does This???

Today I went over to my friend Chrisanne's to stitch for the day. I took plenty of different things to work on if I didn't feel like working on my focus project. But for some reason I didn't bring a single needle or pair of scissors.

What kind of stitcher forgets her most important tools?

Luckily Chrisanne had extra.


One of the original rugrats said...

I forgot my needle one time and was when we went to one of my in-laws and they don't do any crafting at all so there wasn't even a needle in the house to sew a button on let alone cross stitch with.

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Been there, done that! I've learned to keep a pack of needles in my purse after I broke mine at work and didn't have another. I've also been guilty of using my car keys to saw through thread when I've left my scissors at home. You're definitley not alone!

Dana in TX said...

This reminded me of an old joke about the cross-stitcher who went to hell.

She was met and showed around by the devil. All the walls were covered with cross-stitch. The shelves were full of every pattern that had ever been created. Every type of thread, silks and fabrics were there, in every color imaginable, even hand-dyed. She was thrilled, but confused. "I thought you said this was hell!" she screamed excitedly.

"Do you see any needles?" he answered.