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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Round Robins

Right now I'm in one active round robin and one about to start. The active round robin is a Wee Beasties (Dimples Designs) round robin. Today I'm pulling the threads to stitch Charlie's piece, he's getting the Larch Ladybug.

The other round robins that is getting ready to start is an ornament round robin and it is quite a unique idea. These days it seems more and more ornaments that are designed are using specialty fibers, embellishments and charms. Which for the small amount you need to actually stitch the oranment makes some quite expensive! So the idea was brought up why not get a group of 6 together we each pick an ornament and kit it up for yourself and five others? Spreading out the costs of kitting up these specialty materials? I actually like this idea because you have no idea what ornaments you will be receiving to stitch and it could be something you've never seen before or something you never considered. So over the last couple of days I've been stitching my ornament up, is a little big for an ornament 4 1/2 inches square but its nice, it makes use of some specialty threads and there's an embellishment as well (which I'm waiting for 6 of them from Australia). Once I've got the embellishment I'll scan the ornament and post a link here. This way those who are in my Ornament RR won't see it unless they choose to click on the link. Its very pretty and I really like it! I do also have to pick up more floss, I don't have enough for everyone yet!

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