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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Stitching Blogger's Question of The Week

How do you explain cross stitch to non-cross stitching people? Do they get it or do they say “Oh, right.. you do knitting then (or sewing, or needlepoint)"?

I've pretty much given up trying to explain these days. I think if you're not a crafter you just don't understand. I go as far as correcting someone in calling it Needlework if they call it something like sewing or needlepoint. I'm a cross stitcher through and through but most of the curious masses are content at "Needlework". Some of the more curious are amazed that the image isn't already on the fabric that I can stitch without any reference on the fabric. If I'm in the mood I may go into detail about finding the centre of the design and fabric and just starting there. But these days I just don't bother... They're interrupting in my stitching time anyhow!

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