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Thursday, September 02, 2004

A New Model

There's nothing like receiving a new model in the mail! I think sometimes I'm worse than a kid at Christmas! I have to restrain myself from opening the package in the car, even when my house is just down the street. I get quite excited when I get a new "top secret" model, something that's been seen by so few... Whoever the designer wishes to share her/his creation with. To look at the fabric, and the fibers/colours and imagine what its really going to look like all stitched up. Since no one has stitched it before, there's no picture!

Today I got a much anticipated model from one of my favorite designers, Jennifer of Dragon Dreams. Not only does she have unique ideas (and this one is pretty cool!) she a wonderful person as well, an excellent combination! If you're attending the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival in Toronto this October, Jennifer's stitching over two class will be a lot of fun! Sorry to be such a horrible tease but I'm sworn to secrecy! I'd hate to have the Dragon mad at me, because she is the nicest Dragon you'd ever meet. Hopefully at some point down the road she'll let me share my happy dance with you!

Teee heee... its also fun being in on the secret!

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Zeb said...

Ooohh exciting! I wonder what it's like to be a model stitcher, but then I think "Exciting and fun!" because you get your hands on the new designs (of hopefully your favourite designers) before everyone else does!

I hope you enjoy it :)