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Monday, August 07, 2006

ARGH! The Ort Jar Can't Save Me This Time!

Insert your favorite swear words here!!!

I'm on the 2nd to last row on Celtic Banner and I have run out of Caron Wildflowers Cedar!!!! (more swear words). I've checked the ort jar and there's not really any salvageable bits in there... and well there's just too much! I just need an arm's length or two! Argh!!!!

Its a) too late to go to the LNS
b) if it wasn't a statutory holiday

So tomorrow on my running about I'll stop by the LNS to see if they have any... but they're well known for not having threads in stock (I won't be holding my breath when I go there). I have a back-up plan. I've e-mailed Christin and asked her if I can steal a little bit of her Cedar from her Celtic Banner if I can't easily buy any tomorrow!


No HD for me tonight. But at least I can keep working on the areas in the last two bands that don't need Cedar.


catandturtle said...

Oh, I hate that. I just had that happen last night. I ran out of thread with about 30 stitches to go to finish. Argh, so frustrating. I hope you are able to get the cedar tomorrow. Great idea on the ort jar. I think I will start doing that. Pretty picture.

I can't remember if I have asked you before but do you read Terry Goodkind? His latest book Phantom just came out, 2nd to last in Sword of Truth series, and I just finished it. It was so good. I hate having to wait for his next one. My favorite genre is fantasy too and my fav authors besides TG are David Eddings and George R. R. Martin. You? Ann.

jymisgurl said...

Oh no! That's a heartbreaker! Crossing my fingers for you that the LNS will have some!