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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Late SBQ

I suppose before I get this week's SBQ on Wednesday I should answer last week's!!!

Q : Do you have an organizational system for your fabric? If so, what is it? If not, what do you store your fabric in?How do people store their fabric, especially those small but potentially usable pieces? Do they sort by count? How do they label it or otherwise know what each piece is?

A : Do I have an organizational system for my fabric? Hmmm not really. I do keep them divided between standard fabrics and hand dyed fabrics. I keep my fabric in a set of large plastic storage drawers. Currently my fabrics on fill two drawers.

One drawer contains all my standard fabrics, these are not hand dyed. If the fabric came in a plastic bag that is labeled I tend to keep it in that bag. If its not in a bag from the vendor sometimes I'll put it in a large ziplock bag (I know, I know plastic isn't the best for fabric, but its convenient) and I write on that bag the type, colour and count. If I'm lazy and I don't put it in a ziplock, I write the fabric info on a piece of paper and pin it to the fabric.

The other drawer contains all of my hand dyed fabrics. Again they're marked the same way.

As for small pieces that are big enough to be ornaments but not too small to be useless, I put them in a ziplock bag (all my scraps go in the same bag). Each piece is labeled with a piece of paper with all the pertinent information. Of course I do have "mystery fabric" in there too

I'm puttering along with Misty's quilt square. I keep getting these urges/impulses to start a large over one project! Ack! Help me!

Todd has finally realized I'm serious that he's not going to get Gone Fishing any time soon. He was a little shocked about that. .. Good.


mj said...

You know...i got thinking...he must be a brave boy...don`t you have a black belt?...[snicker]...mj

Erin said...

Looking at your drawers make me want to come fondle your stash!! hehehe

I told DH about Todd's reaction to "Gone Fishing" - his response was (his words, not mine) "what a d*ck." Glad to hear that Todd might be regretting his stupid words....

Michelle said...

Glad the light is finally coming on for Todd. So, do you have a specific over one project you are considering?

Carol said...

Our storage system is a little similar :-) I will finally post mine tonight too - have just been too lazy - LOL!!!

Lana said...

Love MJ's comment!!!!!

Leah said...

You have nifty looking storage drawers! I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses plastic bags.

I love MJ's comment too.

tkdchick said...

Yes I liked MJ's comment too. The problem is I actually don't have the heart to hurt Todd. That and he will hit back if I hit first... ouch he's strong.

Now I'm not talking in terms of physical abuse. If I punch him in the arm (kidding around) he'll punch back and it smarts!

And he fights dirty, I refuse to even spar with him as he won't follow the same rules as we do in the dojang. He has no true martial arts training but he's picked up a lot of locks and holds along the way and he always goes for the wrist/hand which he knows I don't like because I stitch!

Lana said...

Oooh! He plays dirty! Yeah, lets not mess with the hands! They are vital when it come's to stitching!
Well, even if he doesn't like Gone fishing, I do! You can send it to me! I'll appreciate it and love it and adore it! =)

Von said...

Hi Dani,
I love those plastic drawers for all kinds of stuff!!

Even the best of husbands have their jerky moments. He'll have to do something very sweet to make it up to you!