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Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy Dance In Cornwall

Yes! I've done it again, I've got my dancing shoes on here in Cornwall. Since I'm away from my home PC there won't be any picture until I get home tomorrow night. Chrisanne is sound asleep (well she did work all day) so no one can witness my finish until morning. I finished off a little Lanarte Kit called Zebra its stitched over one with two threads using the tent stitch (half stitch) and two strands.

Tomorrow we have a Lord of the Rings marathon planned, hopefully my stitching hand will hold up! Its a little sore from almost two weeks of long hours of stitching! Chrisanne suggested it would be perfect for working on Noah's Sub. But I think I'll work on Gone Fishing, Todd's late b-day gift.

Yes I did start my TWRR last night, and no its not finished. I really don't like to travel with RR's so I left it at home, I should be able to finish it before the weekend is out... I hope.

Well, this morning was a pretty expensive morning! I took my car to my favorite dealer as the front end/steering "didn't feel right". Turns out I needed a new bearing on the right side, and four new tires! I knew I needed tires but I was really trying to put it off until the late fall so I could go ahead right to winter tires.

Tonight I had the most interesting thing for dinner... Newfie Poutine! It was not bad but I think I'll probably stick to regular poutine in the future. What is a poutine? Many of you non-Canadians may ask. Well let's start with the basic poutine, its something that came out of the Province of Quebec. You start with french fries, but not any old kind of fries, they have to be from a chip wagon next you top those fries with gravy and curds. Curds are a cheese which I understand are not available in the US I think it has something to do with the way they are processed. That's your basic poutine. However a Newfie Poutine you take those basic ingredients add hamburger, fried onions and mushrooms. I know sounds really gross doesn't it? Actually this is the first time I heard of it tonight. Imagine its like having your fries and burger all mixed together. Another type of poutine I had once that was very good was topped with smoked meat! Salty as heck but great for preventing hangovers if you've been out at the bars all night, into the wee hours!


Carol said...

Oh no - poutine is so not happening for me! That is more carbs in one sitting than my body would know how to handle for two weeks! LOL

Erin said...

Just the description of poutine is killing this diabetic. :D

Too funny, we've been having LOTR nights here as well! DH and I have been watching one every night for the past few nights (we didn't make it all the way through Two Towers in one night, we both zonked on the couch before the battle at Helm's Deep). I love those movies....

zoeandcooper said...

Congrats on the finish. I can't wait to see it! Have fun with your LOTR marathon. I have done it a couple times myself.

Shannon L. said...

Americans can't get curds either ? No curds ? No smarties ? What on earth do they have to live for ! LOL

Poutine is tasty - but really, a cardiologists dream isn't it ? :)

Enjoy the LOTR marathon. Hope your stitching arm holds out!

Gina E. said...

You obviously aren't worried about your cholesterol levels!!!!!!!!