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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blogging Slacker!

Wednesday August 2nd...

Well here I am blogging to you from Beck's Shore on Mississippi Lake! Well not really blogging since we don't have phone service at the cottage. I'm just typing my entry into my word processor on my laptop and the next time I'm at the house I'll copy and paste it into Blogger. When that will be I'm not sure... probably the next disgustingly humid and hot day.

I think its been ages since I last blogged, over a week I'm sure. I started to blog yesterday when I was at the house (disgustingly hot and humid) but my computer was getting really blogged down by the latest upgrade to McAfee, which I had just installed so I gave up. I'm not sure if I like the new software yet or not, we'll see. If it continues to slow down my poor little lappy top then you can be sure I'll be logging a complaint.

Soooo you may wonder what have I been up to? Well I've not only been up here at the cottage surviving the hot weather and lack of internet connection.

Thursday of last week, I picked up my nephew Nick in the evening as I had a top secret evil plan I wanted to implement starting earlyish Friday morning. What did we do Friday? Well I woke Nick up at about 7am... disgustingly early for a boy on summer holidays! Threw him into the car, and started driving East. Thecouldn't a point I couldn't keep it hidden from him where we were heading, to Montreal. But what were we going to do in Montreal I wouldn't say, it was a top secret evil plan! As I started getting closer to downtown Montreal, and more nervous because only once had I driven further than the West Island (the area I grew up in) it became obvious to Nick that I was following the signs to
La Ronde.

For both of us it was our first time at La Ronde, for Nick it was his first time he was tall enough to go on the roller coasters! We spent the entire day going from ride, to ride, to ride! We went on absolutely every roller coaster that was open (one was closed)! Nick's first roller coaster ever as a doozie too! For our first ride we went on the stand up roller coaster that had two loops!!!! What a brave kid! (he's 11 by the way) from that point on I think he was hooked. If it spun, went up in the air, went in circles or flipped you upside down we went on it!

When we were done all the rides it was getting to be about dinner time. I was nervous about leaving the park, as when you go to places like this, there are signs leading you there but no directional signs to get you back home. Surprisingly enough it was really easy! We crossed the bridge, and whoila! There was the 720 to take us back West. For dinner I treated Nick to a REAL Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwitch, not those things place outside of Montreal call smoked meat. We went to McBay's in Dollard Des Ormeaux on Boul Des Source, not far from where I grew up. Nick agreed, it was the best ever. After dinner I took him to see where me and his Mother grew up. Then it was time to head West, back to Ontario where the street signs are English.

Saturday/Sunday were spent up at Todd's Grandmother's cottage on Black Lake. I have to say that's my favorite place to be. Its so peaceful, and beautiful. I think it helps that Black Lake is a private lake. We were there with Todd's Uncle and a bunch of his cousins. Nick had a great time.

We arrived here at Mississippi Lake on Monday and pretty much been here ever since. Nick is still enjoying himself. We've been swimming and fishing every day.

Now onto more mundane things like... Stitching! In all honesty I haven't stitched much so far on my holidays. When I have been stitching its been on Celtic Banner, I have the finishing bug for that piece! Not far now! This is my progress as of this evening. Once Celtic Banner is done, and I'm back at the house I'll be moving onto the next installment of the TWRR that arrived just before my holidays.

I suppose I should share my August Goals with you!

July Wrap Up :
Stitch TWRR - Done
Stitch one Ornament - Done
Stitch two Dragon Dreams models - Done and done
Work on Celtic Banner - For sure!

I did also have two little starts in there- my latest travel project, the Lanarte Zebra and Gone Fishing by Heritage Stitchcraft for Todd (which hasn't been finished).

August Goals :
Stitch TWRR
Stitch one Ornament
Finish Celtic Banner
Finish Gone Fishing
Finish Lanarte Zebra
If I'm enthusiastic, work on Noah's Sub (next on the WIP killing list)

Now I never answered last week's SBQ :

Q : Many of us have a few paihave a embroidery scissors and some even havea "collection". How many pto share scissors do you have? Feel free toshare a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!

A : I think I have somewhere between 4-6 pairs of needlework scissors! I have one pair of cheapies that I bought at Wal Mart when I was desperate one day. I have several pairs of Ginghers and one pair of Dovos, which I have to say are my favorite (pictured hercouldn'ten I saw these at the local LNS I couldn't help but buy them and I'm so glad I did! I haven't seen Dovos like these ever since! I call these my ladybug scissors as the handles are red and black. This beautiful fob I received a couple of years ago in a fob exchange all the way from Malaysia!

Earlier last week I finished off one of my ornaments into an angel as the kit showed. This is Lori Birmingham's Jack In The Box

Off to stitch while the boys play caveman, and burn wood!


zoeandcooper said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday! Your stitching looks great too;)

catandturtle said...

That first picture of the lake is just stunning. It looks like a great, peaceful place to be.

Roller coasters are the best! I haven't been to a park in a few years and I am in roller coaster withdrawl. I like the loopy ones too. Ann.

Rosemary said...

What a cool surprise for him! You rock!

I have those same Dovo scissors, but the rubberized stuff has worn off some so they're not as pretty anymore.

Anonymous said...

Good that you had such a great time. Your angel is very beautiful. Ann.