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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Another Full Day of Stitching!

Day 3 in Brighton, its the end of another long day of stitching for me and Ann! I was toying with the idea of going home tonight after dinner. However, I was pretty comfortable, and Todd had called me warning that the forecast in our area was calling for freezing rain (I live about 3 hours away from Ann by car) so it was best to stay off of the roads. I'll finally be heading home tomorrow, not only because I'm starting to miss my boys (Todd included) but because I go back to work Monday morning *shudder*

Today was pretty dreary outside, and there weren't as many birds at the feeder today... but lots of greedy squirrels! I did managed to get this one pretty cool shot of a Chickadee about to take flight.

For most of the day, until dinner time I worked on Moonlight Guardian. I managed today to get the left hand border stitched. I would of liked to have also put in the box at the bottom with a moon in it, but I was pretty sick and tired of kreinik by this time! Can you believe, I've almost gone through one complete spool of 001HL, 025 and 060 #4BF! It seems like you need one spool of each colour per half of the border (and the instructions do tell you to get two of each, and its not an exaggeration). I love Dragon Dreams projects they stitch up so quickly!

Since I was sick and tired of MG, I took Ann's lead and started an ornament. Ann, the lucky devil has stitched up 7 ornaments since Christmas! No fair! So I pulled out one of the Mill Hill Kits I had thrown in my stitching bag on Thursday morning. I don't have the name of this one with me at the moment, that's downstairs. This is the ornament up to the point where I have to stuff it and close the final seam on the back. Tomorrow I'll re-post it with a totally finished picture and all the design info for you.


Cheryl said...

Great ornie!
Isnt going back to work just the most awful feeling :(

Andrea said...

Lovely WIPs. I have been enjoying the bird photos too, fantastic photography.

~Tammy said...

You are living days from my dreams. How I would love to be able to find the time to stitch all day for 3 days! I know jealousy isn't a good emotion, but I'm full of it!

Drive safe on your way home today.

Oh, forgot in all my envy, to say beautiful stitching. Love the pics!

Karin said...

Gorgeous stitching, Dani - you've made great progress!

Carla said...

Your wip looks great! And the ornie is a beauty!
Have a safe drive home!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Beautiful ornament! Great progress on MG as well.

Dawn said...

MG looks wonderful! I will be watching this one closely:) The ornie turned out awesome.

Laura (nutmeg5) said...

Oh wow, Moonlight Guardian is looking fantastic. That's a lot of Kreinik though. And I love the chickadee photo.

Mylene said...

Beautiful stitching and the ornament is just lovely!!