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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Photo Hunt #86 "Red"

Ahhh springtime! I LOVE tulips and these are some of the red ones which popped up in my gardens spring 2007. With the warm weather we've had the last few days I wouldn't be surprised if the poor bulbs were confused! Temperatures are supposed to start dropping closer to zero as week goes on.
Well blog readers, the supplies for my two models for the magazine A Needle Pulling Thread has arrived. I spent a little time when I got home organizing the floss into floss-a-way bags and I got a start. Its not a bad start, but I'd like to have gotten more done. My head is still bothering me and of course I spent some time on the phone with my Mum so that cuts into the productivity! My weekend isn't too busy, with hopefully plenty of stitching opportunities so I should make great progress!
My appointment this afternoon went okay... the Sports Dr. is a little stumped in figuring out what is causing my pain, its an area where there are several joints and ligaments. The x-rays don't show anything, and he couldn't tell anything by giving it a good poke (owwwie). So the next step is to schedule me for a bone scan and MRI. He assures me this should happen in about three weeks. So that's where that stands.
Oh Vonna, you were wondering if I carried my camera with me everywhere. Yes I do! Its a nice little point and shoot, but I'd almost kill for a digital SLR! If I can take some good pictures with a point and shoot imagine what I could do with an SLR once I figure out how to use it properly! There's one I've been drooling over at Costco and since Todd didn't want to get it for me for x-mas my Mum is actually offering to lend me the $$$ to get it (my parents just saw it themselves today and think its a great camera for a great price ... comes with two lenses too!), I'm thinking about it... I really want it!


Anonymous said...

Your tulips are really pretty, hope you feel better soon.

Stitcher S said...

I hope you're doing better.

The tulips are so lovely, and they really uplift me on this very cool evening.

Barbara said...

I love tulips, too. :)

Good luck with the upcoming scans. I hope they can uncover the problem!

Vonna said...

Well I do hope the scans show what is the problem...I know that foot pain SUCKS!!!

I thought you must carry your camera with you...I would, except I usually forget a kid or see carrying a camera is out of the question! LOL!!!!!

Heidi said...

I know foot pain is no fun, the arch in my right foot is collapsing, I hope that they can get to the bottom of your problems very soon!
I also carry my camera with me constantly! My friends and family have started calling me the paparazzi! Hope that you can get your camera soon and I look forward to seeing the pictures you take with it!

~Tammy said...

Your tulips are beautiful and just what I needed this morning with eventual return of winter fast approaching.

Good luck with your upcoming scans.

Von said...

An slr would be really great for you, but keep your little point and shoot handy too. My dh has an slr that takes awesome pics, but often when we're traveling he'd much rather have my little camera handy, just cuz it's so easy to pop into my purse.

Hope the scans find the cause of your pain, Dani! Hugs!

The Silver Thistle said...

Pretty flowers Dani!

Thanks for the link to Tour de Maraqe, it's going to be so fab when you finish it!

DaisyGirl said...

Hope they find out something soon about your foot! What a awesome tulip! Beautiful!

stitcherw said...

Loved the tulips, so bright and cheerful. We've been having very mild weather lately too, but it has started to turn cold again so I think winter is coming back.

Your Moonlight Guardian is looking lovely, you've made a great start on it. Your new LK project will be beautiful too.

Beatrice said...

Tulips are my favorite.