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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fog, Progress and Fair & Square Revealed

Wow! If you haven't heard already, the weather has just gone crazy up here! On Thursday, its was -27c today... right now at 11pm its 9c with rain! Time to keep an ear out for that sump pump and make sure its still working! Due to all that snow we've had over the last few weeks melting, we've got fog galore out there! My drive home was a little hairy at times, there was so much fog at times I could barely see two car lengths ahead of me!

Tonight I worked on two different projects. I started out with Tour Des Marques, I've been working on that for a year now, and I'm still on the 3rd page! I've really got to commit better to this piece. When I had as much over one as I could handle (just wasn't focused enough tonight) I pulled out Mini Cottages 5.

I finally found out today that my Fair & Square arrived safe and sound with Lizzie. I stitched her a Christmas design in hopes that it would arrive in time for the holidays. Lizzie said she got it just after Christmas!

A Very Merry Christmas
c JBW Designs
Stitched on 32ct Platinum Lugana
Stitched with GAST threads


Mylene said...

Tour Des Marques is looking great and i like the fabric you used on this one. The cottage is along along nice too.
That is a lovely Square you've stitched.

Judith said...

Tour is looking lovely and you mini cottages are also lovely. With new year you could sea in the east only 1 meter in front of you due to the fog.

Jeanne said...

This weather sure is weird! I'll be taking the afternoon off to do some yard clean up (and stitching, of course!)

Tour is looking great, and I love that JBW piece! I've never seen it before.

Waving at you across the lake (from Rochester),

Vonna said...

Oh my....fog is just scary to drive in...I'm glad your ok! So do you take your camera with you each day? I think that's a great idea...maybe I'll have to take my camera with me one day and have a go...
Tour is looking good...and your mini cottages is really coming to life!

Love the fair squares...cute!

Wendy said...

Great progress on your WIP's and I love the F&S block you stitched. Crazy weather we are having! But I have to admit I am glad to see the end of the snow...for a little while at least.

Barbara said...

I love fog, but hate driving in it. That is some very weird weather you're having. Hope your pump continues working well!

Abi said...

Tour and Mini Cottages are looking great. I am so in love with the JBW design!

Kim said...

Drive safe! Love the Fair Square, and of course good to see Michael Powell again :-)

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Some fantastic stitching! I especially love the fair and square design you chose.

Beatrice said...

You have been stitching up a storm.
The JBW is so cute.
Nice stash from Ann's.
TdM is still in the works but Slow going.
The weather is crazy.

p/s have a look at my blog!!

Carla said...

Your wips are looking great! I find it very difficult to stitch over 1 my eyes just can't handle it.
The F&S you sent is beautiful!

The Silver Thistle said...

Fog is just the WORST! I remember once when I was driving the half hour home from work, it was REALLY foggy. I drove for about an hour and couldn't see any of my turns I should be making on the road and I finally feared I was totally lost.....until the fog cleared a bit and I realised I was back to within a couple of streets of my work, hahahahah.

An hour's driving to end up back where I started!

I really like how Tour de Marque is turning out. I haven't seen that one before. Can't wait to see it finished.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, girl sorry the weather was so lousy. Your WIP's are looking good.I hadnt seen Tour in a while. Maybe now that your TW is done you can work on it some more. Cottages is looking good and I love that tree design.I am a big fan of JBW.
Will be home in a couple of days.

Lynn said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. The fog is just as bad out here. I'm hoping it's not too bad tomorrow morning.
Don't know how you do all that over one on Tour. It's lovely but I'd go crazy!
The ornie is really cute. I love JBW designs.

Ranae said...

We have had dense fog here too.
The Wip's are looking great.
love the Xmas tree square.

Dawn said...

TdM looks wonderful!

Sharon said...

Your wip's look great. Lovely squares you sent!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Your stitching always amazes me. I'm interested in your choices, and, boy, do you speed stitch them, Dani!! I love to drive in the fog...reminds me of ghost stories...:P Deb

Christine said...

The same night you were driving home from work in the fog, I was driving to Fredericton (1 hr drive) around 4pm for supper with some high school friends I haven't seen in years, and then I drove home around 9pm.
It was about the same here in NB for the fog. There was one point on the way home that I could only see 1 dotted line on the road in front of me, and no further. Thank god it wasn't THAT bad the whole way, but it was still bad enough.

TdM is looking Great, and I love the Very Merry Christmas design. Very cute!