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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Having Fun In Brighton

Whew! What a day I'm pooped! I found myself this morning at 5:30 am not able to get back to sleep, after Todd's shuffling around the house to get ready for work woke me up. After trying to go back to sleep for almost an hour I finally gave in and got up. Which allowed me to get a few more things done, and on the road an hour earlier than planned/expected! I had planned to stop to photo graph two spots on my way here, the first was this huge inukshuk and I have to say mother nature set up my photo beautifully with mist in the background! The second spot is an old stone church but I overshot it and traffic on the highway just wouldn't allow me to turn back. Hopefully I'll be able to stop on my way home.

My drive was uneventful (which is always a good thing) and I arrived in time to have a bit of a visit with Ann before the Thursday stitchers showed up! Today's group was a real treat, a full house of 16??? I never really counted but there were a lot of stitchers there, I can assure you there was more talking than stitching going on but it was fun!
I got to see some good friends like Beatrice, and her mom Adriana. Adriana is the most inspiring woman you will ever meet, and every stitcher wants to grow old as gracefully and beautifully as she has! Imagine at 91 to still be able to stitch? Not only stitch, but stitch on linen as beautifully as she does. Adriana has done a lot of beautiful, large projects since I first met her a few years ago. Beatrice frequently showcases her Mom's work on her blog.
Sharon also came in to stitch today as well, when she read on my blog that I was going to be here, and she wasn't working today she got in touch with Ann to see if she could come and stitch too! There was also Judy, Barb and Marie-Paul in attendance who I've also gotten to know fairly well over time. I always look forward to the few times of the year when I can come to Thursday stitching. Its such a wonderful group and everyone inspires and enables each other (it helps that Ann's shop Knowledge and Needles is just in the other room!)

Beatrice finally got her fabric for Moonlight Guardian today and she got started on it right away!

Once everyone left we had dinner then it was back to work, stitching, Beatrice also came back to stitch with us. Dan, Ann's DH had requested a quick haircut if you read her blog you may recall she's a barber.
I worked on the latest RR, and will be almost done tomorrow, except for one thread I will have to pick up at my LNS next week. No point in sharing a picture now when I can do that tomorrow with the almost completed piece.

Tomorrow Ann I and just plan to sit and stitch! Hmmm... what shall I work on?
Oh if you're wondering why there are no pictures of Ann? Well she was so busy in her shop (two new customers to boot!) that she barely had time to stitch until everyone was gone!


Anonymous said...

I get so envious when I read about your stitchy trips lol. I wish there were groups like that over here.

Looking forward to seeing your finish.

Cheryl said...

Looks like fun!!

~Tammy said...

Looks like you had a great time.

I've had stitchy days with friends too, but usually only 2 or 3 of us. Still great fun.

Carolien said...

Hello Dani,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I really appreciate it.
It's nice to discover your blog now and what fun to see Beatrice and her mother on it! I will have to read further on your blog ...
That must be so nice, to have meetings with your stitching friends ... I dream of that!

Happy Stitching, all the best for 2008 and a lot of Dutch greetings,


Becky K in OK said...

So happy you got to stitch with friends. I am envious that you stitched with Beatrice. I've come to know her through one of your exchanges. She's a delight. Drive careful. Happy New Year.

Karen's Blog said...

What a great day it looks like you had. It was nice to receive your comment on my Blog and to have now found yours:)

Sylvia said...

Dani, It looks like the retreat was a success. I hope to see you all at the August retreat if Ann holds it. It will depend on the date since my youngest son will be heading for college in August. Hopefully it won't conflict. See you soon and happy stitching!!! Sylvia

Judith said...

I am so jealous of you with those nice stitchy trips. I would love to have that too.

Carla said...

Looks like you had a lonely time :)

Beatrice said...

Oh my It was so much fun!! Dan looks a little apprehensive of the clipper do you think???
Thank you again for looking after the fabric for the MG for me it was fun to get a start on it.
I was happy to have been able to visit with you in the evening at Ann's. Thanks for the computer help as well!