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Monday, November 01, 2010

I Dare You!

Did you know that the month of November is NatBloPoMo?  Yes, that's right, National Blog Posting Month!  The gist of it is to post one blog entry every day for the month of November.  The last few years I've always thought this was a very cool idea but I've often forgotten about it, thus not participated.  I haven't joined anything official or signed up to any website to do this (don't really want to), but I'm going to try and do it anyhow.

So I DARE you to join me!  I know Bonnie is going to give it a go!

Seeing as its the beginning of November its time to talk stitching goals.

October Review
Stitch Blogiversary Gift  - never started it

Stitch 1 Ornament  - one for my monthly ornaments one for an exchange
Work on Art Deco Spirits  - yes

November Goals
Stitch Blogiversary Gift
JBW Stockings (as ornaments)
Work on Art Deco Spirits
I'd say we need a picture to go with this post!  Another "retro" PhotoHunt?  This one is from September 12, 2009, the theme is "Electric"
This was a tough PhotoHunt to find something appropriate.  I came across this photo from a few years ago, of these running shoes dangling from a power line.


Karen said...

Good luck with your goal of posting every day and with your November goals.

I like your picture choice to go with "Electric!" :)

Patty C. said...

Good Luck with the posting ;)

Bonnie Brown said...

We can do it!!!
Love the picture

Angela P said...

Now am I up for that challenge too? LOL....I'm not sure if i'd have enough to say but it might be fun to try! Great photohunt picture.

Rachel said...

Im in for the challenge! Now to just get down all the things I think of during the day...

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your goal of posting every day and with your November goals. I like your picture for "electric".

Christine said...

Good luck with your daily postings and your November goals

riona said...

I'll give NatBloPoMo a try ... though I wonder if it's a reasonable goal for me ... I've only managed to post 50% of the time this year.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I will have no problem every week day but the weekends may have to be programed in. Now if it were to be a challenge to stitch every day well, hands down easy. Good luck to you and everyone else whose up for the posting challenge.
Be always in stitches.

Julie said...

Good luck with daily postings and with your goals for Nov

Lynn said...

Good luck with your goal Dani! It would never happen on this end.

Jodie said...

This is a very ambitious goal, Dani! Good luck, I'll be here reading along!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to give it a try.

drea_dear said...

I'm doing it, too, Dani! Go, us! LOL. I failed miserably last year, but I'm planning ahead this year.

Jayne - NaBloPoMo is allowing "wordless weekends", and Blogger will let you schedule your posts in advance. Or write them, leave them in "draft", then publish on the day.

Melanie said...

Well I could probably keep it up......for a week. lol

Jo said...

Hmm, tempted to take up the challenge! I know I won't manage it every day, but I'll try as often as I can!!!
Good luck with your goals

jane said...

Good luck with your goal of posting every day in November - I won't even try as I know I could never manage it!

Bette said...

Actually I would do this Dani but I'm doing Nanowrimo instead. National Novel Writing Month. I've committed to writing a 50,000 word novel in November. So I think I'll be pretty hard pressed to to do both. But I'll be watching your posts eagerly.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Uh, posting on my blog every day
in November?? Sorry, I spend my
week trying to keep up with my
blog reading and commenting. So
once a week blog updates suits
me best. Good luck with this
endeavor though. With all your
great photographs you can surely
find lots to fill each post.

What is it that motivates people
to take a perfectly good pair of
shoes and throw them up and over
the hydro wires??? And it looks
like there's two pair there.

Good luck with your goals for
this month too.


Bekca said...

I hope you have fun with your blogging challenge and good luck with all your November goals.

Daffycat said...

No no no no no! I did NaBloPoMo the past two Novembers but I'm giving it a pass this year! I have promised myselft to post more than usual this month tho'!

Best of luck, Dani!