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Monday, November 15, 2010

Retro PhotoHunt

I have a busy day today and a very late night so you'll just have to put up with one more retro PhotoHunt.  I imagine I'll be exhausted tomorrow, but if you're lucky I'll have the energy to share this weekend's Knowledge and Needles retreat with you!!

This is the PhotoHunt from October 10, 2009 the theme is "Sports"
Over the years you have seen many of my Taekwon-Do pictures, but another sport I have taken up in the last year is running!  In May 2011 I'll be doing my fist officially timed 10K race!


Jodie said...

Yahoo! Are you by any chance running your 10k in the Ottawa Race Weekend? I've done 2 timed 10's so far....and they're not too bad! I'm excited to hear more about it!!

Julie said...

Am way beihnd on commenting Dani, sorry...

It's great to make new stitching friends, i hope you get the chance to meet up soon.

Todds stocking is amazing!