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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not Only Can I Stitch I Can Kick Too!

Many of you know, and it should be obvious from the title of this blog that my other passion is Taekwon-Do (ITF Taekwon-Do to be exact).  I have been training since 1997 with a few breaks here and there due to life or injuries.  I am currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt and an instructor for our "Little Tigers" program 4-6 year olds.

Black Belts from Almonte Taekwon-Do, Black Belt Excellence, and Winning Circle

This weekend there's an upcoming local tournament, normally one school puts on a tournament but we're trying something different to be a bi-annual event.  This is a friendship tournament being put on by three schools together.  Tonight we had a meeting of all the black belt judges from the three schools.  It was really neat to interact with students from other schools.  I'm looking forward to the tournament this Sunday, and for the first time since 2007 I'll be competing and judging.

It sounds like it'll be a well run tournament.

Afterwards a few of my classmates and myself had some fun with the camera!

Mr. Marin (owner Almonte Taekwon-Do), Paige and Myself (right)

Paige, Jason & Me my best buds at TKD

Paige, Jason & Me The Charlie's Angels Pose!

On the stitching front... no change but I did photocopy some upcoming ornaments!


Hazel said...

Great pics! All the best with the tournament. x

Alice said...

Love the Charlie's Angels pose! Jason looks like he's loving it too.

Annie said...

Wouldn't want to me you in a dark alley! Have fun at the tournament.

claudia said...

That tournament should be fun for everyone. Love your pictures. The charlie's Angels one is great!

Heidi said...

Great pictures! Hope the tournament goes well for you!!! Can't wait to hear how you did!

Lana said...

Great photos!!! And have a great time at the tournament!!!

Doris said...

:D i like the charlie´s angels picture :D

Bekca said...

Love the photos! All the best for a successful tournament.

Bonnie Brown said...

Love the pics!
You do look like you enjoy TKD!