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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back Home... and a Little Progress

Ahhh what a lovely weekend, with a couple of days away from home! I tell you I really needed this extra long weekend (5 days!) before I tackle my summer jobs at work.

In terms of stitching, Friday-Saturday I worked on my model, still coming along nicely. Sunday-Monday I was in Oshawa at my friend Marj's checking out her first home! I did stitch a wee bit but not much. Monday-Tuesday I visited with Ann, owner of Knowledge and Needles and we had a nice evening of stitching and chatting, I even made some visible progress on Celtic Banner (as you can see). There's something about Celtic Banner that I find incredibly peaceful to work on. I feel totally at peace and centered when I work on it. Have you ever had a paticular piece that makes you feel that way when you stitch on it? Tod
ay I'm back to the model stitching!

On Sunday night Marj and I went and saw Superman Returns. I have to give that movie two thumbs up! If you're a fan of the original Superman Trilogy you will enjoy this new one. The director did an awesome job making the movie feel like the original films with the same music and atmosphere. Well worth the money, I think I'll take Todd to see it.

Some new stuff in boom in my garden this week! My other clematis has just started to bloom and I'm going to have so many flowers this year! Also my Asian Lilly is blooming like crazy too!

Sooo tomorrow its back to the working world, gosh its wayy too long before I can retire and I don't think that's soon enough!!!


AnneS said...

Your Celtic Banner is looking good ... it's great that it makes you feel so good to stitch it, we all need something like that in our lives :)

Karin said...

What gorgeous flowers - and Celtic Banner is looking awesome.

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers. Celtic Banner is really coming along, too.

Michelle said...

Celtic Banner is looking lovely. I love that feeling of being centered while stitching - it doesn't happen often, but when it does it is wonderful. Some pieces just do that to ya!

Karoline said...

Gorgeous flowers Dani and great progress on Celtic Banner