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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Celtic Banner Update

Well I had a great day working on Celtic Banner today, lots of progress... enough that I'll treat you to a scan! I was hoping to get this block finished tonight but alas I am out of time! Probably tomorrow.

In between stitching and doing the laundry I also started putting together my first "Cube-It". Its a pretty cool and easy process. Elegant Stitch sells an instruction booklet to make them, I bought mine back in the New Year and this is the first time I've made one! I won't share a picture just yet. I need to find just the right ribbons for the finishing touch!


Karoline said...

Nice progress on Celtic Banner. I've done a couple of 'cube-its' it's a fun way to finish I look forward to seeing yours

Michelle said...

That is looking beautiful. Glad you are back to working on this again!

zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on that is looking wonderful!

Carol said...

Ooo, Celtic Banner looks great - you are up to my favorite part now :-)